Securitas Unified Communication Platform (SUCP)

SUCP is an application/software "Phone switch" that handles all incoming and outgoing telephone traffic to SOC's and all communication to and from guards in an automated way. Queue management, messaging, recording, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for guards and external customers.

  • Fully integrated in GMS and in the GMS GUI
  • A separate UCP client has been developed for MAS and is integrated with MAS
  • The UCP client has an open interface and can easily be integrated with other alarm handling systems then MAS or with other systems used in our SOC's
  • The separate UCP client can also be used standalone without any integration to other systems
  • Examples of SUCP features are CallBack, estimated queue time, place in the queue and emergency messages
  • Skype hybrid solution is reviewd and will enable a scalable solution. Everything from simple Office 365 users with Skype / Teams to full ECC SUCP user.

Q1 2019 updates

Footprint & Usage



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