Experience Center – Sensormatic

The Sensormatic Experience Center, opened in 2013, is a unique place that spans 250 square meter where clients can test a wide variety of security technologies first-hand.

The center, which includes a retail shop, a small market and a security operation center, can emulate real-world scenarios that end-users encounter frequently. The technologies that are presented include video surveillance solutions ranging from an entry level camera to all the way to highest resolution camera in the world.
Video analytics solutions are in-place to prove how smart solutions help to increase security.
Access control solutions presented in the center demonstrate to the client how to manage people flow in their establishments with sophisticated software and reporting solutions.
Biometric solutions such as iris, vein, face, fingerprint, palm recognition are presented with live demonstrations.

The technology portfolio also includes fire detection, public address, RFID, RTLS (Real Time Location Services), perimeter security solutions.
Different security technologies are seamlessly integrated to demonstrate how end-users can improve the security and safety of their establishment and offer a desired environment for their employees and customers.