Securitas Solutions Tool

A tool that supports and guides our people through our sales life cycle with good customer interaction

(this video is for internal use only)

The Securitas Solutions Tool (SST) is a framework to deal with all elements involved to risk assessment, starting by defining the opportunities and risks. It guides our client to allocate the right resources to mitigate the risks that have been defined.
It is a tool that at the same time help the client to get insight of the risks related to his property, staff, goods, ... and at the same time it is a way to promote and show our solutions in the solution library of the tool.

The SST tool will also ease the communication with the client as predefined offer letter templates have been created to which users can attach more brochures or marketing materials. It present prices and contract specifications in a clear and easy way.
When the client is ready... so are you. Fill out, sign and send automatically generated contract, including the terms and conditions.