Securitas People Tracking- Personal Position Alarm (PPA)

The need for personal safety is continuously increasing. Securitas offers security solutions for everyone who experiences a potential danger in their job. This especially applies to lone workers, i. e. people who often work alone or in remote places, for example service technicians on assignments or staff within medical care and nursing.

Securitas Track & Trace

your alert by simply pressing the emergency button or an alert when the person falls

the user’s position

the alerts and the GPS coordinates from the portable alarm unit

the relevant actions in order to master the situation in real time.

action according to the agreed alarm plan. We initiate a call to the nearest Securitas agent, authorities or emergency services.

Our safety and security technology for people in exposed situations are easy to use.

In the event of an accident, if the person falls (Mandown option) or in case of a threatening situation the person sends an alarm to the Securitas Monitoring Centre by simply pressing a button on a portable alarm unit.

This starts a phone connection between the person and the Securitas operator. The operator receives all details which allow him to localize the user and take immediate and appropriate action according to the agreed alarm plan.

In some situations, the right action could be to send a Securitas guard and notify the responsible contact people. In other cases, the operator directly contacts the emergency services, leading them directly to your position.

Securitas People Tracking contains the following: