Amicimi – Panic Button

Securitas teamed up with the Belgian start-up Amicimi to offer each and every one the security they want, wherever they go. Feeling unsafe? Simply squeeze your Amicimi, which will then trigger an alarm putting your phone in direct contact with our control room, sending along your exact location and recordings from your immediate vicinity to help with assessing the situation at hand.

Discrete safety: whenever, wherever

The main elements of the Amicimi device, is the panic button which you can, for example, use as your key ring. The button is linked through a Bluetooth connection to the Amicimi app on your phone.

This is the interesting part. Your phone starts making recordings from the moment you pushed the panic button, immediately afterwards it is from your phone the recordings and your coordinates are sent to our local Securitas Control Room where our operators will verify the alarm and escalate immediately when necessary by contacting the authorities.

This ensures our customer, wherever you go, an apt response to whatever danger that you could face as it is handled by local Securitas professionals.
Furthermore, Amicimi will automatically distribute all relevant medical info of yours to make sure the emergency services have all the tools to deliver the best response possible. In case of a false alarm the customer is able to disarm the alarm by entering a pincode on their phone


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